Penomet Penis Pump

The Penomet Penis Pump: Increase penis length, thickness, and improve erection quality.

In the past, penis pumps were something men were ashamed to talk about. If you want a bigger penis, using a penis pump is one of the best ways to make your penis bigger.

The Penomet is one of the best selling penis pumps you can buy. It is durable and comes with the best money back guarantee of any product.

In this article, I will review everything you need to know about the Penomet penis pump and the advantages it has over other pumps.

What the Penomet can do for you

The Penomet penis pump is a device that was thoroughly tested by thousands of men before it was released and sold to the public.

What Penomet wanted was a quality product that could provide men with solid and measurable results.

By listening to its customers, Penomet was able to produce a penis pump that would last and would give men a longer and thicker penis, as well as stronger erections.

Penomet benefits:

  • Scientifically proven to increase penis size
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Penomet will provide men with stronger “solid” erections
  • A visible difference in the first 15 minutes you use Penomet
  • Can help straighten a bent Penis “Peyronie’s disease”
  • After only ONE session, your penis will be noticeably bigger and thicker
  • Individuals can gain 1.5-3 inches in length with a 30% increase in thickness
  • Ships worldwide in discrete packaging

The Penomet device is a penis pump that consists of two parts; one is a durable cylinder that attaches to different colored gaiters to create pressure in and around the penis.

Different colored gaiters cause different levels of pressure to the penis, causing the penis to grow, on average men can achieve up to three inches in length and 30% in thickness or girth, however, many men have reported better than average gains advertised by Penomet.

What makes the Penomet penis pump different?

Unlike many conventional dry penis pumps, the Penomet is what is considered a hydro pump that is designed to be used with water, older conventional dry vacuum pumps that were used in the past could not provide uniform pressure, making some areas of the penis larger than others.

The Penomet pump can offer men uniform penis growth because using water causes equal pressure throughout the cylinder.

Different gaiters provide different levels of pressure

Another unique feature of the Penomet is that it offers five different levels of pressure,  so you can gradually and safely add more pressure as you get used to the pump, more pressure means more size gains.

Users can achieve maximum growth up to 65% faster than using other conventional penis pumps that only offer one pressure setting.

Easy release pressure valve

Penomet thought of everything when designing this pump, in fact, another great feature the device has is an easy release pressure valve at the end of the cylinder, this makes it easy to release pressure and remove the pump when you finish pumping.


Penomet is easy to use

The Penomet penis pump can be up and running in just a couple of minutes,  first,  you attach one of the supplied gaiters depending on the desired level of pressure, beginners should start off with the purple 60 gaiter.

Attach the gaiter to the cylinder and then insert your penis into the cylinder and gently begin to pump, the Penomet pump will create pressure, leave the pump in place for 15 to 20 minutes then release, rest and repeat the process as needed.

How often you pump is up to each individual.

A lot of men find that pumping back to back for 15 minutes delivers the best results. So pump for 15 minutes, rest for a couple and then pump a second time.


To remove pressure from the Penomet simply press the release valve at the end of the cylinder, you can then easily remove it from your penis. 

Other things we like about the Penomet

There are a few things that really make the Penomet stand out from other pumps,  one is the comfort, many pumps can cause discomfort after only a few minutes.

The Penomet gaiters were designed for comfort, making longer pumping sessions possible. The other thing you will love about the Penomet is the fact that it comes with an easy to understand exercise guide to help you make fast size gains.

Penomet Full package

Penomet sells three different versions, the difference between the 3 is how many gaiters you get. The gaiters are responsible for creating pressure. This is something that should be taken into consideration before you buy the Penomet.

The Penomet standard only comes with one gaiter (force 70) so your gains may be limited, however, you can upgrade any of the pumps and add gaiters for at any time.

The Penomet premium(Best Buy)

All Penomet gaiters, including Force 60, Force 65, Force 70, Force 75 and the exclusive Force 80 Extreme Workout. It also includes a gaiter comfort strap, for use in the shower, a 3-year warranty and lifetime platinum Support cost $297.00

The Penomet Extra

The Penomet Pump with force 70 two extra gaiters force 65 & 75 a 60 days money back guarantee, access to gold support, discreet shipping and billing, free access to My Penomet plus a 2-year warranty cost $ 197.00

The Penomet Standard

The Penomet penis enlargement pump with force 70 and a 60-day money back guarantee, silver support and a 1 year extended warranty cost $127.00

So now that we’ve told you about all the great things Penomet offers there are a couple of cons worth mentioning.

Products are often out of stock

One of the biggest complaints from customers is not being able to buy a certain model. Often the Penomet basic and standard are out of stock.

The rubber gaiters come with a lifetime warranty but if you use any kind of lubricant with the pump the warranty is void. This is not a big deal since you are using water you really don’t need lubricant.

Where to buy the Penomet

We have seen the Penomet penis pump sold on a variety of websites, unfortunately, many of those sites don’t sell a legitimate product.

We recommend purchasing the Penomet directly from the official website, this will ensure you receive a legitimate product plus you can take advantage of their money back guarantee and special offers they may have at the time of purchase. ->  Click here to visit the official Penomet website


If you are looking for a penis pump, the Penomet is much better than other brands, it is reasonably priced and you truly get a premium pump that is covered by a 3-year warranty which is not offered by any other company.

The rubber gaiters come with a free lifetime replacement.

Pneomet Premium Unboxed

Blue Penomet with all 5 gaiters


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