5 Reasons Why You should Exercise Your Penis

5 Reasons why you should exercise your penis and the benefits it offers men

Most guys are shy when it comes to talking about their penis. Heck, most men think that what they have is sufficient because their significant other tells them so, and yes, most women will be content with what you have, but like anything else in life there is no reason why you should not want to improve your penis. In this article I will discuss 5 reasons why you should exercise yur penis.

You probably think that a penis enlargement device will set you back hundreds of dollars but it does not have to, there are some cheap penis enlargement devices that will work. If you are not exercising your penis, here are 5 reasons why you should.

Penis Pump and Tape Measure

In this article, I will give you 5 solid reasons why you will want to exercise your penis,  and believe me after you have tried them the only thing in the back of your mind will be “why did I not do this sooner”

A Bigger Penis

Yes, it is not a myth, in the past many said penis enlargement did not work, yet most penis enlargement devices are certified as type II medical devices.  Doctors actually prescribe certain devices to help increase penis size, they can also be used for post-treatment of prostate surgery, the Penomet can help men increase the size of their penis up to 2.5 inches in length and 30% in thickness you can’t tell me that  adding two inches to your penis will not impress your partner.

Stronger Erections

A penis enlargement device, particularly a penis pump increases blood flow to the penis in a safe and natural way, consistently improving blood flow to the penile chambers which make your erections stronger, fuller, and much harder, the more you use a penis pump the better your erections will become.

Last Longer in Bed

The Penomet pump uses water, what you do is insert your semi-erect penis into the chamber and begin to pump, this not only improves erection quality since it stimulates the penis while you pump, over time it gives you more control and staying power preventing premature ejaculation.

Prevent Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Just like a vehicle,  if you don’t drive it, it begins to deteriorate.  The male penis is no different, we have all heard the term use it or lose it, the same goes for the penis, lack of sex over time can diminish the urge and desire, using a penis pump ensures you maintain proper blood flow to the penis preventing possible sexual dysfunction issues as you age.

More Self-Confidence

While some men might seem to think that penis size is insignificant it’s not, a decent size penis is something that you should be proud of because size does matter, do your research on the net and you will find that there are many women who prefer a bigger penis over a small one.


A bigger penis has many positive benefits,  an entry-level penis pump costs $130.00 and all it takes is 15 to 20 minutes of your time every day. Most men will see an increase in penis size in as little as 3 weeks, full results can be seen in just a few months. While we are obviously partial to the Penomet most quality penis pumps can provide you with decent results.

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