Better Erections With Penis Extenders

Penis enlargement devices including penis pumps have come a long way over the last few years. One of the reasons for this is that a penis extender or pump will increase the size of a guys penis, they also provide several benefits for men looking for improved sexual performance. Penis extenders have been recommended by doctors to reduce impotence and improve erection quality, in fact not only can they improve erection quality they can also treat diseases such as Peyronie’s or eliminate a curved penis which some men suffer from.

Most penis enlargement devices are marketed on the basis of increasing a guy’s penis size, which they do, men using penis extenders or pumps can increase the size of their penis between three or four inches in length, other benefits of using one of these devices is that after a period of time they will improve the overall quality of a man’s erection,  reason being that more blood to the penis will give a man a fuller and harder erection.

Which is better a Penis Pump or Penis Extender?

Both devices work well,  in fact, many men own both a Penis pump and extender, both penometthumbdevices serve a similar purpose,  however, they both work differently. Traditional penis pumps or vacuum pumps were used by pumping air into a cylinder and offered decent results, but they were not very comfortable, modern research and technology have developed a better alternative to the old style vacuum pump,  they are now called hydro pumps. The difference being as the hydro pumps are filled with water creating more comfort and no friction.

Differences between a penis pump and extender

Penis pumpsSize Genetics Penis Extender are used differently than penis extenders, penis pumps are used in the bath or shower and you basically insert your penis into a plastic like cylinder which you fill with water,  on one  end there is a release valve that releases pressure from the pump, on  the other is where the gaiter is connected, you then slide the device to  the pelvic area and gradually begin pumping, most penis pumps come with different gaiters that apply different amounts of pressure. A normal session lasts between 15 and 20 minutes per session at least five days per week.

Penis extenders are used by placing the penis in a device that includes two plastic clamps that create mild traction, stretching the penis, most penis extenders have a soft coating inside the rings making it comfortable enough to wear all day.

How much do this product cost

The average cost of these products will range between $130.00 and $250.00 it all depends on the complexity of the device and accessories, so if you are serious about penis enlargement you may want to consider some of them and you can usually save some money when buying a kit versus buying the accessories later.

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