Penis Enlargement With a Pump

Man gesturing penis size in pantsPenis enlargement is not an easy subject to talk about, a lot of men feel uncomfortable even considering it, in reality it’s not something to be ashamed of, the ideal size of the penis is debatable, what someone considers large can be considered normal or even small by someone else, you should only consider penis enlargement if it’s something that you want for your own personal reasons.

Thanks to science there are a great number of methods that contribute and help men have a bigger penis, many of these devices or treatments didn’t exist ten years ago, there are plenty of options but you have to figure out what form of treatment suits you better but before hand you need to research everything there is to know about penis pumps.

Before considering penis enlargement you need to be comfortable with yourself, you are genetically different from everyone else on this planet, you need to feel comfortable about yourself. Penis size has been discussed over and over for years, but there are still many misconceptions about the size and how big it should be. If you surf the internet you will find thousands of articles claiming that women prefer a bigger penis over a smaller one, at first men ignore this information but as time goes by they suffer from information overload often doubting if what they have is good enough. Read more

Your Penis After 40

frustrated couple in bedSo maybe you have found yourself looking on one of those AskMen forums or some other website, wondering why it is harder for you to perform sexually after the age of 40, you are probably wondering what happened to the days where looking at a nice cleavage or a hot chick gave you an instant woody. Now your erections don’t happen as easy and maybe they are not as hard as they used to be. Many men when reaching their 40’s may suffer from lower testosterone levels which can cause issues with sexual performance, and while it can affect your sex life,  there are certain things you can do to regain your sexual performance.

Lower your stress Levels

Stress kills a lot of things, it’s a cause of cancer, heart disease, obesity and has many factors that can and will affect your lifestyle, one male function that is not immune to stress is a man’s performance in bed, in fact, some of the main causes of erectile dysfunction in men are caused by stress. If you have a good relationship with your partner try to talk things out and leave financial and job issues out of the bedroom, save those for later, there is nothing worse than bringing up work or financial issues before having sex. Read more

A Brief Overview of Penis Enlargement Devices and How They Work

Penis enlargement is one of those subjects that men are very reluctant to talk about, some men consider it a scam, others are very quick to say it will not work. I am sure most men who make these claims are the same men that are afraid to try something new or different. What I am saying is that the chance that penis enlargement wont work is similar to saying that you wont achieve big biceps by doing curls with heavy dumbbells. Which is untrue, building a bigger penis and building bigger muscles follows a similar process, more blood flow in to the muscle stimulates blood flow and makes a particular muscle to increase in size, the same goes for stimulating blood flow in to the male penis.

The Penis is not a muscle

That is correct, the penis does not have any muscle tissue, which is why it is hard to move when erect, however the penis does have sponge like tissue that swells when blood flow increases, this is where penis enlargement devices can help, especially penis pumps. Penis pumps can help increase the size of the penis because they work by improving blood flow to the penis, over time a penis pump will make the penis bigger and thicker.

Different kinds of penis enlargement devices

There are two different kinds of devices that can increase penis size, penis stretchers and penis pumps. In the old days, dry vacuum pumps existed, and while dry penis pumps are still available, hydro-pumps are a better replacement, offering a better and more comfortable solution to help increase penis size. Penis stretchers are another way to help men increase the size of their penis, below we will briefly explain how each one works. Read more

Penis Pumps Can Offer Men More than Just a Big Penis

Guy in Jeans measuring PeniosThere are a variety of statistics all over the Internet about penis size and girth, and while most women say size does not matter, it must have some benefit. This does not mean a guy has to be huge, that would actually be overkill, but just for the simple frame of mind from a guys perspective a decent size penis can give a guy a more confidence about himself, and how he feels he can perform in bed.

There should be no shame in your game

God gave us our bodies and one of the beautiful things about our body is that obviously the body is capable of improving everything about it, weight lifting, fitness training endurance training, eating, drinking and anything else we do, our body seems to adapt easily. Penis enlargement is no different, what’s the difference between a guy wanting a bigger penis versus that of a woman wanting bigger breasts, essentially nothing.

Penis enlargement using a penis pump

Using a penis pump can improve several factors in a mans sex life, the first thing men UPL Distribution GmbH think of when considering a penis pump such as the Penomet, is having a longer and thicker penis, which in al fairness is how most of these products are marketed. Since men are so focused on the size of their penis, some of the other advantages of using a penis pump are overlooked.

Penis pumps are designed to help increase penis size and the way they work is by creating pressure on and around the penis, encouraging growth both in length and in thickness. The Penomet uses water to create pressure and is considered a hydropump but not only will it make your penis bigger it has other advantages.

Better erections because of improved blood flow

Penis pumps encourage more blood flow to the penis, which is one reason most younger men under 30 rarely suffer from weak erections. In younger men testosterone levels are strong and so is blood flow. As men get older they begin to suffer from weaker erections causing poor sexual performance, using a penis pump encourages large amounts of blood flow to the penis improving erection quality, while at the same time increasing the size of the penis.

Premature Ejaculation

Penis pumps can help men last longer even younger men, older men seem less prone to issues with premature ejaculation and there is no secret behind this. Older men tend to begin to lose sensitivity in the penis as they age, however a younger mans penis tends to be much more sensitive, causing them to have more issues with premature ejaculation. Since using a penis pump actually stimulates and encourages an erection it also helps exercise the penis while at the same time helping you control and hold back, which essentially prevents you from premature ejaculation letting you last longer in bed.

So as you can see a penis pump is more than just a device to make your penis bigger, it actually has several benefits for men both young and old that will in one way or another help you improve your sex life.

The BathMate Penis Pump

Bathmate Penis PumpThe BathMate  is a product designed to increase the size and thickness of a man’s penis,  men who have used the Bathmate have achieved on average 2.5 inches in length and a 30% increase in thickness.  

The BathMate works by creating a vacuum around the penis. As the gentle suction pulls, the vessels within the penis are expanded, allowing more blood to flow. The larger the vessels become, the more blood can enter the penile shaft during an erection, making them harder and fuller and over time increasing penis length and thickness.

Bathmate Benefits

  • Give you a larger, longer and thicker penis
  • Provide you with better blood circulation in the penis for better performance in bed
  • Stronger and fuller erections
  • Easy to use device
  • One of the cheaper penis pumps available
  • Bathmate offers a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee on all their products


How It Works

The BathMate is a used in the shower or bath. The water serves as a cushion in the pump. The pressure from the water creates suction while promoting growth. The vessels are expanded during the process and, if done consistently over time, the penis will grow and become longer and thicker. This leads to substantial benefits both in the appearance of both size and girth.=> Click here to learn more

Ease of Use

Actual BathmateThe Bathmate is very practical and easy to use and can be manipulated easily with one hand, Further, the quality materials used in the design make it easy to wash and care for as well.

The BathMate continues to be a popular choice when it comes to penis pumps. One of the surprising things about the Bathmate is that results can be seen within the first 15 minutes of use.

Obviously there is also some immediate retraction but after extended use of the pump men can see a permanent increase of up to 3 inches in length and 30% to 35% in thickness.

Buy the Bathmate Online Read more

The Penomet Penis Pump to Buy or Not To Buy

The Penomet Penis Pump to Buy or Not To Buy

Penomet Full packageIf you are a guy that is toying with the idea of buying a penis pump,  there is nothing wrong with considering a purchase, neither morally or otherwise, penis enlargement is something that has been around for centuries,  the only thing different is that there are some really cool gadgets that have made penis enlargement almost perfect. In the past,  guys where faced with some painful dry pump devices that did nothing more than add lots of vacuum pressure to your penis,  making it hurt more than it  provided any kind of growth results.

You will see countless videos, reviews and other information on the Penomet which mostly Penometboast what a great device it is. While the Penomet will make your  penis larger, it also has many other benefits. Many of the other benefits of the Penomet pump are often overlooked because the company is trying to sell you one thing “A Bigger Penis” when it actually does more than just make your penis bigger.

There is more to penis pumps than just putting your stick in a plastic cylinder and pumping, a penis pump is meant to do several things, sure one  is to enlarge the penis, the other is to increase blood flow.

There are a couple things that can help stimulate a man’s sex drive, one of them is the visual side of things, a hot looking girl will help, but that aside, low testosterone levels can hinder sexual performance, that is easy to fix, exercise and some good penis supplements can help, if you are younger lets say under 35,  you really do not need to worry much about that, but after the age of 35 testosterone levels  begin to dwindle. The second thing is blood circulation and there are several things that can affect that, obesity,  high-stress levels and being sedentary are among the three biggest culprits. Read more

Better Erections With Penis Extenders

Penis enlargement devices including penis pumps have come a long way over the last few years. One of the reasons for this is that a penis extender or pump will increase the size of a guys penis, they also provide several benefits for men looking for improved sexual performance. Penis extenders have been recommended by doctors to reduce impotence and improve erection quality, in fact not only can they improve erection quality they can also treat diseases such as Peyronie’s or eliminate a curved penis which some men suffer from.

Most penis enlargement devices are marketed on the basis of increasing a guy’s penis size, which they do, men using penis extenders or pumps can increase the size of their penis between three or four inches in length, other benefits of using one of these devices is that after a period of time they will improve the overall quality of a man’s erection,  reason being that more blood to the penis will give a man a fuller and harder erection. Read more

Different Penis Enlargement Methods

Banana with Tape MeasureThe Penis is one of those things that as a child is given several nicknames such as Peepee, ding dong, weewee, and ding-a-ling but many young boys other than giving it a name don’t notice it much. However, as soon as young boys reach puberty there is more of a fixation on the male reproductive organ,  my own personal experience as a young teen I was in the school shower, at a glance there was a kid my age next to me who seemed to have a larger penis than what I possessed, later on, I felt insecure, but as I got older I  got over it,  but in the back of my head there was always something that told me that maybe I wanted it to be just a little bit bigger.

What is an average size penis?

According to an article published by Medical News Today, they found the average flaccid penis size to be around 8.8 cm or 3. 5 inches while when erect it was 12.9 cm or 5.1 inches long.

How women feel about penis size

Many women feel that penis thickness or girth is more important than length, yet many Women Gesturing a small penismen are very uncomfortable about their penis size, and rightfully so. If you read some of the public discussion boards , there are women who have been with men with a very large penis, some women make the comment that it was a great experience, while others say it was painful. The average length of a woman’s vagina is between 3 to 4 inches and can be more if the woman is highly aroused.

So what is all the hype about penis enlargement, in spite of men saying that a large penis is not all what its cracked up to be, there are some men that want it bigger. So if you are a guy looking for a way to make your penis larger keep reading, below we will discuss some of the different methods of making your penis bigger.

There are both natural and mechanical ways to achieve a bigger penis, which method you choose is up to you. Using any of the below methods can increase the size of your penis anywhere from 2 to 3 inches in length and give you a 30% increase in thickness.


Jelqing is a popular way to increase your penis size and it is a simple exercise you can do in the privacy of your own home, bedroom, shower or bath. The cost of this method is free because you are using your hand to stretch your penis. Jelqing consists of gently stretching your Penis when its between 50% to 75 % erect for about 20 minutes, this is done for a minimum of 5 days per week and many men have found this method to work well for them. Performing this Jelqing exercise regularly can help men achieve a longer and thicker penis, some men have lengthened their penis 2 inches longer using the Jelqing method.

Using a Penis Pump

Penomet Penis pump colorsPenis pumps have been another popular choice among men and there are a variety of  devices,  some are dry pumps and others such as the Penomet Penis Pump uses water, also considered a hydro pump,  using a penis pump is a fairly straightforward procedure, you simply insert your penis into a specially designed cylinder and use  a pumping action to create pressure on the penis causing it to grow, generally sessions last between 15 to 20 minutes and are performed once a day a minimum of 5 days a week.

Using a Penis extender or stretcher

Size Genetics Penis ExtenderA penis extender is another option for men and the way a penis extender works is by inserting the penis into a traction like device and gradually stretching it, devices such as Size Genetics have made it possible for men to grow their penis 2 inches or more in less than 4 months.

Something to keep In mind when considering a method to enlarge your penis is that it’s not only going to make your penis larger, it will also have a significant impact on the quality of your erection. Exercising your penis is like exercising any other part of your body, it causes increased blood flow to the penis making your erections much harder and stronger, giving you and your partner more pleasure.


Penomet Exercise Guide

The Penomet penis pump offers men a simple way to increase the size of their penis and improve erection quality. The Penomet is very reasonably priced when compared to similar products, it can give men a 30% increase in penis thickness and up to a 3-inch increase in length. =>Click here to learn more

The important thing when using any penis enlargement product is that you stay consistent with your exercise, making sure you perform them every day a minimum of 5 times per week. session times should last between 15 to 30 minutes, surely you can find time to perform them on a regular basis.

Different Colored Penomet Pumps

Most men have probably never considered exercising their penis,  with the exception of having sex, maybe some consider masturbation an exercise “but hold on guys, it’s not! Using the Penomet is,  it will  help increase erection strength and firmness and make your penis bigger.

How to use the Penomet

The Penomet is very simple to use,  it consists of a long plastic like cylinder, on one end there is a pressure relief valve, the other end is where you attach one of the rubber pressure gaiters.

To use the Penomet you simply fill it with water,  then slide your penis into the cylinder, while at the same time pulling it back towards the  groin to create a seal, you then begin to pump, this pumping action causes pressure,  stimulating blood flow into the various blood chambers inside the penis.

Blue Penomet

Penomet wants you to be successful in making sure you get the most out of their product, which is why they have designed an easy to use exercise guide to help you make the most out of your Penomet. => Click here to learn more

It’s very important that when you begin to use your pump that you start out with the lowest pressure gaiter which is purple.Penomet Penis pump colors

The Penomet is one of the most efficient and powerful penis pumps available today,  it offers  some of the best results compared to its competitors, but please remember that if you begin to feel any discomfort, make sure you reduce your session times until you get used to using the device, only then you can gradually increase the pressure with the different colored gaiters, as well as increase your session times.

Follow the Penomet Exercise Guide and use the different colored gaiters, this will ensure a thicker and longer penis in just a few weeks. >>Click here to learn more<<

Penomet Exercise Chart

Still have questions click here to visit the official Penomet website

Not just about size

Many men suffer from erectile deficiencies,  some men suffer from circulatory disorders while others struggle with insulin-dependent diabetes, in these situations forcing more blood to the penis can enhance the penile chambers, improving overall erection quality, the more blood that flows into the penis the better erection quality becomes.

Penomet Pressure gaiters

Where is the best place to buy the Penomet?

If you are ready to purchase a Penomet pump we do recommend purchasing directly from the official website,  this ensures that you receive a genuine product and you can take advantage of their warranty and any special offers they have at the time of purchase.

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