Penomet Premium the Best Value for Your Money

You have probably already read tons of information about the Penomet penis pump and are probably wondering which one to buy. This can be a difficult decision if you’re on a budget or money is tight, the most likely option is the Penomet standard which only costs $127.00, the issue with the standard is that it only comes with two pressure gaiters, which in all likelihood after just a few weeks you will be wishing you had bought the Penomet premium. => Click here to learn more about the Penomet

Penomet Full package
Shown here is the Penomet Premium

Don’t get me wrong, even if you do buy the basic Penomet,  you can upgrade later by paying the difference in cost of either the Penomet Premium or Extra, this is one of the great benefits that other companies selling similar products do not offer.

Before I go into the details of what the Penomet premium offers, let me explain a little bit about the product. The Penomet is a penis pump designed to help men increase the size of their penis, the way it does this is by increasing the amount of blood flow the penis can hold when fully erect, this serves a dual purpose, one is to improve erection quality and the other is to increase the overall size of the penis.

Easy to use

The Penoemt is is very easy to learn how to use, it can be used while in the shower or bath. The Penomet is a clear “non-toxic” plastic cylinder that has a pressure release valve on one end and on the other is where you attach the pressure gaiter. To use the Penomet all you do is fill the cylinder with water insert your penis in a “semi-erect state” pull back towards the groin and begin to pump until you feel the desired amount of pressure. Read more

Erectile Dysfunction: Penis Pump Devices

Complete Penomet SetPenis pumps are an effective way for men to increase the size of their penis, that is the main reason why men buy them, they do offer other benefits that include improved erection quality, plus they can have a beneficial effect on straightening a bent penis, also known as Peyronie’s disease.

In this article we will discuss:

  • How penis pumps “hydro-pump” work
  • How to use a penis pump
  • Possible side effects
  • How much they cost
  • Where to buy

How penis pumps “hydro-pump” works

penisPenis pumps consist of a plastic or acrylic cylinder that on one end has a pressure relief valve, on the other it has a rubber sleeve “used for pumping”, this is where the penis is inserted.

The theory behind a penis pump is that creating pressure with water around the penis increases blood flow to the blood chambers in the penis,  this not only increases the size and firmness of the erection but also the length and thickness of the penis. Read more

Penomet Comes in Assorted Colors

Penomet Penis pump colorsWhile women have the pleasure of shopping often for things to improve the way they look, a lot of men are reserved and only buy the simple necessities in life, men are easily attracted to certain gadgets, men like myself love to buy things that have purpose or that are useful, when it comes to bathroom gadgets I only own a couple of things and that is a good electric razor, one of those mirrors that doesn’t fog up and my Penomet penis pump, I kind of consider it as my adult replacement of my childhood rubber ducky.

The Penomet in many ways can be just as entertaining as a rubber ducky, not to mention while you use it you are actually improving several aspects of your manhood, meaning stronger erections, better blood flow and ultimately a bigger an thicker penis. Why I chose the Penomet over some of the other leading brands is because it came in different colors, the gaiters used to create pressure come in five different colors making the experience different every time. Read more

Benefits of the Penomet Penis Pump

Holding BathmateThere are many devices sold online to make a guys penis larger, unfortunately what most men don’t know, is that penis pumps have many other advantages besides a bigger penis, which is what every man wants, right? Not necessarily, while the sole purpose of pumping is to make your penis longer and thicker,  the benefits go much further than that. The Penomet is one of the most popular pumps on the market; it has many features similar products do not.

How the Penomet works

Before we go into details of the features, let me discuss a little on how the Penomet works. The Penomet at first glance is cylindrical tube, on one end it has a pressure release valve and on the other end is where a pressure gaiter is attached, this is the same end where the penis is inserted, to use it you fill the cylinder with warm water “usually in the shower or bath” and then insert the penis and pull the cylinder back as far as you can towards the groin, you then begin to pull back on the cylinder “using a pumping motion” to create pressure. What this does is increase blood flow to the penis, over time and repetitive use the penis becomes longer and thicker. >>Learn more about the Penomet<< Read more

Try a Penis Pump for Stronger Erections

Picture of banana representing an erectionIn the world of male enhancement, penis pumps also called “hydro pump’s” are marketed specifically for making a guys penis larger and thicker, however, one big factor and selling point from my personal viewpoint is how well these devices not only work for increasing size, they are a phenomenal tool for increasing circulation in the penis which can make for incredibly hard erections.

First lets take a look a the basic function of one of these products,  the two most common hydro pump’s sold are the Bathmate and the Penomet each one has its unique features but they all have the same purpose and that is to create pressure around the penis, what this does is improve blood flow to the penile area and over time increases the capacity that the blood chambers in the penis can hold which if used for an extended period of time minimum 6 weeks or longer will increase the length and girth of the penis while at the same time making erections much stronger.

Last longer

Premature ejaculation is another issue men have and many times this is due to lack of penis exercises, sure you are saying this is nonsense but just like any other muscle or organ in the male body, performing certain exercises can actually improve and transform a specific part of our body and exercising the penis is no different. In fact, the Penomet device actually has a penis exercise routine men can use. Read more

Penis Pumps Do They Work?

The question is very simple and in spite of hundreds of studies about penis enlargement, men around the world still ask the question will a penis pump make mine bigger? and the answer is yes!

Penis enlargement has some positive benefits,  the method you choose is up to you,  once you find one that works the only question you will be asking yourself is why did I not try this sooner.

There is no big secret on how penis pumps work,  they are easy to use, inexpensive to purchase and only require a few minutes of your time every day, if you are consistent what you can expect is the following

  • A longer thicker penis
  • Stronger erections
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Immediate results
  • More self-confidence
  • Prevent erectile dysfunction issues
  • Inexpensive

Penis pumps have been around for several years, in the past most of them were developed to help men achieve an erection, modern day penis pumps use water and are designed to improve erection quality and make the penis bigger, there is no mystery behind this, pumping more blood has many benefits,  it makes muscles bigger, makes the heart stronger and when it comes to the male penis it improves erection quality and makes it bigger.

Penomet Full package

Most men are very skeptical about what kind of results can be achieved by using a pump and that is perfectly ok, the positive benefits of using a penis pump far outweigh the negative ones,  in recent years, doctors have been prescribing the use of penis pumps for at home therapy to treat early symptoms of erectile dysfunction and improve erection quality.=> Click here to learn more

Using the Penomet a minimum of 5 days per week can significantly increase blood flow to the penis, secondly it  gives men impressive penis gains not only in thickness but in length. Once you have ordered your Penomet and receive it you may be thinking “man this is awkward” but once you unpack it and fill it up with water and begin to pump it is almost an addictive feeling,  especially considering that results are visibly noticeable after the first pump.

One of the main advantages of using the Penomet is that it comes with a complete exercise program that guides you step by step with a good routine using different pressure settings, If you keep your workouts consistent we guarantee that in less than a months time you will see a visible increase of  one inch in size, the longer you exercise your penis the more length and thickness will be achieved.


What kind of results can men expect from using the Penomet?

This is one of the most common question every mans asks, and rightfully so, no one wants to spend money on something that may or may not work, the Penomet delivers real results, the average man will achieve a minimum of 1.5 inches in length and 30% more in thickness, however,  some men have seen more than 2 inches in length and a 35% increase in thickness, a lot depends on how dedicated you are to pumping.

The Penomet is not sold in stores, but I have seen them sold on sites like, but I would discourage purchasing from third party sites for a couple of reasons, Penomet offers a 1 year guarantee on their product and they also have an upgrade plan if you want to buy the basic model now and upgrade later you can, so the warranty alone is a good reason to buy the Penomet from the official website.

=> Click here to visit the official Penomet website <=

Penis Pumps What to Expect from the Penomet

For some men a bigger penis might not be their highest priority but it can come in handy, as a man we all want to satisfy our partner and at the same time we want to feel good about ourselves, let’s face it,  that smile from your partner after great sex is unbeatable and in most cases all it takes is a strong erection.

Penis pumps were designed to specifically improve blood flow and circulation to the penile chamber making erections rock solid. the first selling point of a penis pump is to increase penis size which in reality is the secondary benefit. Read more