Penis Enhancers

Tape measureWhen it comes to penis enhancement  you can go crazy trying to weed through the different information and methods of increasing the size of your penis, not to mention how to obtain much stronger erections.

Penis enhancement  is not a myth and it does have some very good benefits, from a marketing standpoint penis devices do in fact target men looking for a bigger penis because that’s what most men want, but not only do penis enhancement products make the penis bigger, they offer many other benefits that are less obvious that can have a significant and “positive” impact on a mans sex life.

Why a bigger penis may be better

While most women say penis size is irrelevant, a bigger penis can give men  more self confidence, making a man feel more comfortable about himself, and there are some women who do feel bigger is better, so if you are a guy searching for a practical way to make your penis thicker and longer and even perform better in bed, below are a few suggestions to help you achieve your goals. Read more

Penis Pumps vs Extenders Which One Is Better

Man thinkingIn the world of penis enlargement there are a variety of options men have to choose from to increase the size of their penis, the principle behind penis enlargement is very simple but yet complex as is the human body.

The body is an amazing piece of work and is able to recover, heal, repair itself and build up immunity to illness. Penis enlargement is a process that naturally increases  the overall length and thickness of the male anatomy, it also improves blood flow making erections fuller and longer lasting. Read more

My Results Using the Penomet Penis Pump

My Results Using the Penomet Penis Pump

Clear Penomet on TableIn the past Penis pumps or extenders where known as a scam, they don’t work, those companies rip you off etc. The real truth about these products is that they do work, and of course when a company sells a product they have to be a little bit dramatic to reel the client in to make the sale. What I am going to explain below is some facts and personal results from using the Penomet.

I am not ashamed to say that I have used the product and its not the only one I have used and reviewed, but it does have some certain areas where this product truly shines, now whether you are convinced that it will work for you is another story.

The Penomet pump tries to sell its product based on several claims, which include:

  • Increasing the size of your penis from 2 to 3 inches in length and 30% in thickness
  • Immediate visible results
  • Stronger and harder erections
  • Prevents premature ejaculation
  • More satisfying sex
  • Straighten a bent penis or help men suffering from Peyronie’s disease

First let me give you a brief overview of the Penomet Penis pump and how it works and then I will tell you what you can really expect form the product. The Penomet is a made of a high quality plastic and depending on the model you buy, it comes with what are called pressure gaiters, different colored gaiters cause different amounts of pressure. Read more

My Personal Review of the Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet Full packageThere are many guys that are embarrassed by what they feel may be an undersized penis, the worst part of all is them wanting to do nothing about it, they picture penis enlargement devices as being something only freaks use, where in all fairness there is nothing to be ashamed about wanting a bigger penis.

We have come a long way when it comes to penis enlargement. Before penis therapy for enlargement was something that was only performed in clinics by doctors, in fact many doctors said that penis enlargement devices simply did not work, recently that has all changed, making penis therapy something men can do in their own home without an embarrassing doctor’s visit.

If you read information about the pros and cons of penis enlargement there is plenty to be said, and you will get hundreds of different answers on why you should or should not consider increasing your penis size. Sure you can try to justify the fact that many women say a bigger penis is not important, then again it can be for many reasons, which can be providing more personal pleasure to your gal and more self-confidence in yourself.

I myself considered having a decent size penis around six inches, they say that’s average, which, for the most part, was ok, my wife never complained, but she wouldn’t, but one day after both of us were very aroused and I asked her in a moment of intimacy if it would be nicer if it was bigger, she said yes. Her words were “Yes maybe just a little bigger would be nice”

After doing a ton of research I found that there are many different products that could Penomet in boxhelp increase penis size, some are penis stretchers, others are penis pumps. For me, the penis pump seemed a more reasonable approach, considering it could be used in the privacy of my shower.

I am in no way a skeptical person, but when you buy one of these things you do have to wonder what the end result will be, then again there’s that embarrassing factor of actually feeling good about one’s self when purchasing one of these penis enlargement devices. Read more

Penomet Penis Pump – Because A Thicker Erection Dominates Length Every Time

Couple in lingerieI am a guy with an average size penis and what seems weird, is that if you read many different forums where women are talking about the size of a guys penis, it is split about 50/50, 50% of women say they have had a great experience with guys who have a long penis, the other 50% say that a shorter but yet thicker penis is more satisfying, the true reality is that from a guys perspective, we do want to satisfy our partner, and the more confident we are about the size of our penis, the better off we will feel with our significant other.

Length over thickness, it seems the general consensus from a woman’s perspective is a Banana with Tape Measurethicker penis seems to be more desirable. But from a woman’s perspective there is more to sex than a large penis. If you search on the countless forums you will see most women prefer an average size penis, a guy who knows how to make love to his woman, which can include lots of foreplay, both with your fingers and your tongue, if you do things the right way, it will drive your woman absolutely nuts in a good way.

Harder Erections

Penis size and length is all about erection quality, if you are a guy with an average sized penis you might have noticed that erection quality can change drastically depending on mood swings, energy levels, and what you eat or drink, age is another factor that can affect men the most. As men get older Testosterone levels seem to dwindle making it harder to maintain strong erections. To maintain the same erection quality as we get older, there are certain things we can do.

Penomet can help improve erection quality

Penomet Full packageAs mentioned before while length is good, stronger and harder ejections will not only help increase penis size both in length and girth, the more blood flowing in to the penis makes the penis harder and this is where Penomet comes in to play. The Penomet is a high-quality penis pump that can not only increase the size of a man’s penis, it can also help men achieve more solid and thicker erections, the Penomet pump can improve erection quality over 100% because what the Penomet does in exercise your penis causing more blood circulation in the penis.

Penomet will make your penis thicker

Using the Penomet will help you increase the thickness of your penis over 30%, which is significant, this will easily let you give your woman exactly what she is looking for, which is a thicker penis. The Penomet is a very easy to use device that is meant to be used for around 15 to 20 minutes per day in the shower or bath, most men will see a thicker penis in just a couple of days. Imagine giving your woman the surprise of a stronger thicker erection, that will leave her with a smile on her face everytime, and the best thing about using the Penomet is that the longer you use it the thicker your penis will become.

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