Do the Effects of the Penomet Last?

The Penomet penis pump can be considered one of the best-rated penis enlargement devices currently available, it has offered thousands of men a simple and safe way to enlarge their penis but one thing many question is how long will the effect of the Penomet lasts, one of the things that the Penomet claims is that it offers almost instant results after first use, which is true, but after a few hours the swelling goes down which is why some men question the effectiveness.

Before I go into more detail about the lasting effects of the Penomet, first let me explain how it works, the Penomet is what is considered a hydro pump because it uses water, unlike the older dry vacuum pumps that used air they were often very uncomfortable and their main use was for men suffering from Erectile dysfunction, the Penomet on the other hand uses water to increase pressure, what this does is force more blood flow into the blood chambers within the penis, over time this helps increase the size of the penis both in length and thickness.

Blue Penomet

The whole principle behind the Penomet is to effectively increase blood flow while at the same time increase new tissue growth, the more blood that flows to the penis the bigger the penis becomes, a lot of men who are consistent with pumping which means using the Penomet a minimum of five times per week, once or twice a day have seen incredible size gains. => Click here to learn more

How long before you see permanent results

Penis enlargement can be compared to weightlifting, when you lift weights and exercise a certain body part you are stimulating more blood into the muscle, however the pump is only temporary, as much as we would like to see our muscles grow instantly that does not happen, in order to increase the size of the muscle, consistency is needed, over time the muscles become bigger, the same concept goes for penis enlargement, while you may see instant swelling after pumping with the Penomet permanent results are seen after a several weeks, the gains are immediate but long term size gains are seen after a few months. => Click here to order the Penomet

Diagram of the internal structure of the PenisDo the effects of the Penomet last?

Yes they do, in fact many ancient Indian tribes practiced different tissue expansion methods, increasing lips, genitals, earlobes, you name it, all those transformations were permanent, the same goes for penis enlargement, the longer you use any method to expand your penis over time your gains will become permanent.

What to expect from the Penomet?

On average most men have seen a 2 inch increase in penis length and a 25% -35% increase in thickness, which is considerable, if you figure that the average penis size is around 5.5 inches,  adding 2 inches in length would give you 7.5 inches, in my opinion this is something to brag about considering that the average depth of the female vagina is around 3-4 inches,  however it does expand accordingly, the thing that most women enjoy more is a thick penis which gives them a feeling of fullness.


For men who are looking for a permanent solution to increase penis length and thickness the Penomet is a great product that will give you permanent size gains in just a few months and the longer you use it the bigger your penis will become.

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