My Personal Review of the Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet Full packageThere are many guys that are embarrassed by what they feel may be an undersized penis, the worst part of all is them wanting to do nothing about it, they picture penis enlargement devices as being something only freaks use, where in all fairness there is nothing to be ashamed about wanting a bigger penis.

We have come a long way when it comes to penis enlargement. Before penis therapy for enlargement was something that was only performed in clinics by doctors, in fact many doctors said that penis enlargement devices simply did not work, recently that has all changed, making penis therapy something men can do in their own home without an embarrassing doctor’s visit.

If you read information about the pros and cons of penis enlargement there is plenty to be said, and you will get hundreds of different answers on why you should or should not consider increasing your penis size. Sure you can try to justify the fact that many women say a bigger penis is not important, then again it can be for many reasons, which can be providing more personal pleasure to your gal and more self-confidence in yourself.

I myself considered having a decent size penis around six inches, they say that’s average, which, for the most part, was ok, my wife never complained, but she wouldn’t, but one day after both of us were very aroused and I asked her in a moment of intimacy if it would be nicer if it was bigger, she said yes. Her words were “Yes maybe just a little bigger would be nice”

After doing a ton of research I found that there are many different products that could Penomet in boxhelp increase penis size, some are penis stretchers, others are penis pumps. For me, the penis pump seemed a more reasonable approach, considering it could be used in the privacy of my shower.

I am in no way a skeptical person, but when you buy one of these things you do have to wonder what the end result will be, then again there’s that embarrassing factor of actually feeling good about one’s self when purchasing one of these penis enlargement devices.

Clear Penomet PumpI decided on the Penomet because it was cheap enough, while the Penomet standard was priced at $127.00 I decided to take the plunge and buy the Penomet Extra, which cost $197.00, the thing I liked about the Penomet was the fact that it comes with different gaiters, this lets you adjust the pressure, unlike some of the other penis pumps that have just one gaiter or pressure setting. The Penomet Extra included a 2 year warranty so I figured you can’t go wrong with that, the other thing I liked about the Penomet is that they offer discrete shipping, which in my case even though my wife knew what I was purchasing it, I did not want the kids to know, that could be a bit embarrassing.

I received the products after a week and was impressed on the quality, the plastic is rugged Clear Penomet on Tableand so are the rubber gaiters, it was simple enough to use, you just place the desired rubber gaiter on the end, fill the cylinder with water and begin to pump, the suction is incredible but the real question is the results, I tried the device two times on the first day I received the product, what you do is pump the Penomet towards the groin pulling back and releasing, the pressure begins extending your penis, you leave it for 15 minutes and then release the pressure and do it again, the first day I did see an increase in penis size immediately, more importantly one of the things that were very noticeable the first day was an increase in blood circulation, making erections seem fuller.

Penomet with gaitersI have since continued to use the device now consistently for two weeks, my wife says she notices a big difference, while I do notice an increase in both length and thickness, for me there are two things that are very noticeable. Since I began using the Penomet, my erections are much fuller and firmer, the other positive side to the Penomet is that it seems to really help increase blood flow which obviously is another reason why the penis grows.

As far as I am concerned this was worth every dollar spent, however not only for the benefit of increasing my penis size but also improving how much longer I can last in bed, which is another plus.

My personal thoughts on the Penomet

Holding Penomet Pump in HandWhile this product is sold as a penis enlargement pump, I personally feel that men that are beginning to experience trouble with poor erections would benefit from this product. It really does help increase blood circulation giving you over the top erections. Ultimately I find the Penomet to be an outstanding product. I honestly feel I made a good purchase,  the quality of the materials are solid and it does what it says. Then again if you don’t feel the same way you can always take advantage of their refund policy and return the product.

So if you are looking for a good way to increase your penis size this is a product is well worth the investment not only for a bigger penis but for improving overall all erection quality.

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