Penis Pumps What to Expect from the Penomet

For some men a bigger penis might not be their highest priority but it can come in handy, as a man we all want to satisfy our partner and at the same time we want to feel good about ourselves, let’s face it,  that smile from your partner after great sex is unbeatable and in most cases all it takes is a strong erection.

Penis pumps were designed to specifically improve blood flow and circulation to the penile chamber making erections rock solid. the first selling point of a penis pump is to increase penis size which in reality is the secondary benefit.

Putting things into perspective

When you go to the gym many of us might think that the reason we go is to improve our health, when we begin working out we start to feel better, muscle gain and tone is secondary,  the more we work out the more muscle we gain the more blood circulates throughout our body and over time all the positive effects of going to the gym come to fruition, we feel better, we look better and are in fact healthier and stronger.

Using a penis pump will improve blood flow and erection quality helping you maintain an erection for a longer period of time, the benefits are a thicker and longer penis, over time what you will see is long term gains, both in length and thickness.

Holding Bathmate

Using the Penomet at least 5 days a week can improve overall erection quality, you will not find a cheaper or easier solution than using a pump. You have probably heard of the term Jelqing which is where you manually stretch your penis to make it longer, the only advantage of that technique is that it cost nothing but it is not only tedious it is an old school method.=> Click here to learn more

The Penomet is a very simple to use device that you fill with water in the bath or shower and gently pump and hold for around 15 minutes how many sessions you perform is up to you,  some men will perform 2 or 3 sessions back to back, initial gains are immediate and will last for around 5 hours so it’s perfect for men expecting a sexual encounter that same day, after using the Penomet for extended periods of time men can expect long-term gains of up to 2 inches in length and a 30% increase in thickness.

Realistic expectations from the Penomet

Most men are skeptics just as I was, we all wonder how well the Penomet will work, after at a glance it is just a plastic cylinder with some rubber gaiters, but it is, more than that, the pressure from pumping is tremendous, but it does take several weeks before you notice results, I know this may seem like a long time, but you do get some pleasure from pumping plus the initial swelling after each session is great, motivating you to continue with the daily routine, personally I look forward to pumping and even more important is the gains I have made from using a pump.

Different Colored Penomet Pumps

You don’t neccesarily have to buy the Penomet, there are much cheaper and very similar devices you can buy but the features, support, and benefits outperform any other pump on the market.

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