Penomet Comes in Assorted Colors

Penomet Penis pump colorsWhile women have the pleasure of shopping often for things to improve the way they look, a lot of men are reserved and only buy the simple necessities in life, men are easily attracted to certain gadgets, men like myself love to buy things that have purpose or that are useful, when it comes to bathroom gadgets I only own a couple of things and that is a good electric razor, one of those mirrors that doesn’t fog up and my Penomet penis pump, I kind of consider it as my adult replacement of my childhood rubber ducky.

The Penomet in many ways can be just as entertaining as a rubber ducky, not to mention while you use it you are actually improving several aspects of your manhood, meaning stronger erections, better blood flow and ultimately a bigger an thicker penis. Why I chose the Penomet over some of the other leading brands is because it came in different colors, the gaiters used to create pressure come in five different colors making the experience different every time.

On your first purchase you get to pick from six different colored cylinders, in spite of the variety 81% of men seem to choose the clear plastic, something that steered me away from the clear plastic was that to me it seemed if there was any possibility of it scratching that it might be more noticeable with the clear plastic than it would with some of the other colors. Click here to learn more >>

The Penomet pump is available the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Violet
  • Clear
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink

Different Colored Penomet Pumps

Some men may like the fact that the clear plastic is a neutral color and will combine well with any colored gaiter, the gaiters are the rubber piece that attaches on one end of the pump which is responsible for providing pressure, the pressure gaiters come in the following colors which are  blue, purple, black, grey and red.

The different colored pressure gaiters make it easy to follow the Penomet exercise guide,  if you use the guide as directed you should see quick results, it is important to mention that only the Penomet premium comes with all five colored gaiters, the Penomet extra comes with three and the Penomet standard comes with one however you can later purchase the gaiters individually if you like. Click here to learn more>>

Why Penomet?

Realistically the Penomet offers versatility in the sense that other pumps in the same category only offer one level of pressure, in order to continue growth you are faced with purchasing a completely different pump whereas the Penomet premium comes with everything you need preventing any possible growth plateaus. On average men who use the Penomet gain 2 inches in length, more impressive are the gains in thickness, some men claim up to a 35% increase in girth.

One thing to consider about Penis enlargement is you need to be as consistent as possible, if you set up a routine make sure you follow it a minimum of 4 or 5 days per week,  you should begin to see a permanent size increase after a couple of weeks,  not only will you have a bigger penis your erection quality will improve, so much so that Viagra will become a thing of the past. Click here to learn more>>

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