Penomet Versus Bathmate

Penomet vs. Bathmate: What Penis Pump Delivers Better Results?

Every day I receive inquiries on my Facebook page from men asking about the Penomet versus Bathmate and how each product compares. If you are serious about buying one, by the time you finish reading this article you should have enough information about each pump to help you make an educated decision on which one is right for you.

Penomet Versus Bathmate

Penis Pumps

There are different types of penis pumps, in the past, dry vacuum pumps were popular and while they are still sold, most dry penis pumps are used to help men suffering from ED. Hydro pumps use water, and their main purpose is to help men increase the size of their penis, there are other benefits as well, which include improving erection quality and preventing prostate issues that may affect men as they become older.

A penis pump is one of the best investments a guy can make, not only to make his penis bigger but to also improve sexual health and performance. => Learn more about the Penomet

Benefits of using a penis pump:

  • Increase penis size 1-3 inches in length
  • Increase penis thickness up to 30%
  • improve blood flow to the penis
  • Prevent symptoms of ED
  • Makes erections stronger and harder
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Reverse the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease (bent or curved penis)

How penis pumps work

Penis pumps that use water (hydro pumps) increase blood flow into the penis, what this does is naturally expand the chambers within the penis during an erection, after repeated use (pumping) it makes the penis bigger. The more blood that your penis is able to hold not only make the penis bigger it makes erections harder.

Using a penis pump usually requires pumping between 15-20 minutes a day a minimum of 4-5 days per week, most men will see an increase in penis size almost immediately after pumping, at first the initial size increase is temporary, after the first month size gains do become permanent, the easiest way to think about this would be comparing it to strength training, training certain muscles groups more blood is pumped into the muscles making them grow, the more you train those muscles the more they grow, the same principle applies to penis enlargement.

The Penomet

Te Penoment penis pump uses what is called a gaiter system to create pressure, it comes with 5 different colored interchangeable pressure gaiters, each color delivers a different level of pressure, the Penomet is the only penis pump that actually comes with an easy to follow exercise routine using the different colored gaiters.

Different Colored Penomet Pumps

Penomet features

  • Penomet sells 3 different versions, standard, extra and premium
  • Price range $127.00 – $297.00
  • Cylinder is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic
  • Available in 6 different colors blue, violet, clear, green, orange and pink
  • Lifetime gaiter replacement warranty
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Discrete shipping

Penomet Pressure Gaiters

There are a couple of things that stand out with the Penomet, one of them is the simple interchangeable gaiter system, the great thing about the gaiters is that lets you easily adjust the pressure by easily switching to a different colored gaiter, the other thing we like about the Penomet is that in the event you purchase their basic pump, you can always upgrade at a later date by simply paying the difference in price of the extra or the premium.

The Bathmate

The Bathmate penis pump has been sold for over 8 years and has had a successful following of men from all over the world, one of the reasons the Bathmate is so attractive is its entry level price, the “basic” Bathmate is called the Hercules and costs $109.98 making it ($17.00) cheaper  than the Penomet, the Bathmate offers what is called a Bellows system which is the rubber pump at the end of the cylinder.

Bathmate Hercules

Bathmate features

  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Price range $109.98 – $299.00
  • Certain Bathmate models can handle a larger than average size penis
  • 60 Money Back Guarantee
  • Discreet Shipping

The Bathmate Hercules delivers reasonable pumping power but only has one pressure setting, this may be a setback for some, because if you do want to increase more pressure you won’t be able to because the Hercules is limited to one pressure setting. Tha Bathmate Hercules, Hydromax X30 and X40 are available in three colors, red, blue and clear plastic.

Bathmate does sell other models that deliver more pressure which include:

  • Hydromax X30 158.00 offers more pumping power than the Hercules but also only has one pressure setting.
  • Hydromax Xtreme $299.00 extreme pumping power with a separate hand pump.

Bathmate hydromax xtreme

Bathmate also sells the Hydromax X40 and the Bathmate Goliath, each costing ($193.00), the Goliath is suitable for men with an already large penis or those working in the adult porn industry, the Hydromax X40 is bigger than the Hercules but smaller than the Goliath.

Bathmate also sells several accessories including a shower strap and cleaning kit the Bathmate. => Click here to learn more about the Bathmate

Penomet Versus Bathmate Differences


There are a few differences and similarities between the Penomet and Bathmate, both products come with a 60-day money back guarantee, however, the Penomet offers a 3-year warranty on defects and a lifetime replacement warranty on the (pressure gaiters) whereas the Bathmate does not specify any term longer than 60 days.


The Bathmate is cheaper than the Penomet, however if you purchase the entry level Bathmate Hercules and find you need more pumping pressure, you are forced to purchase a new product with more pumping power e.g. “Hydromax X30” or “Hydromax Xtreme”, with the Penomet you can easily upgrade to the “Extra” or “Premium” by simply paying the difference in price.


Both products ship in discrete packaging but shipping costs do vary considerably, Penomet shipping cost $10.00 to the U.S and includes shipping insurance, shipping the Bathmate to the same destination cost $30.00 so when you factor in shipping cost, the entry level Penomet is cheaper than the Bathmate Hercules.

Which one works better

If it comes to pumping power, the Penomet Standard, and The Bathmate Hercules are very similar with the Penomet delivering noticeably more pressure, both units make a good entry level penis pump for beginners.


Without a doubt, both Bathmate and Penomet deliver a great product,  both entry level models will make your penis bigger,  if you are on a tight budget my first choice would be the Penomet because of the ability to upgrade later on, whereas the Bathmate does not offer that option, but if you are looking for a quality penis enlargement solution both products deliver on their promise.

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The BathMate Penis Pump

Bathmate Penis PumpThe BathMate  is a product designed to increase the size and thickness of a man’s penis,  men who have used the Bathmate have achieved on average 2.5 inches in length and a 30% increase in thickness.  

The BathMate works by creating a vacuum around the penis. As the gentle suction pulls, the vessels within the penis are expanded, allowing more blood to flow. The larger the vessels become, the more blood can enter the penile shaft during an erection, making them harder and fuller and over time increasing penis length and thickness.

Bathmate Benefits

  • Give you a larger, longer and thicker penis
  • Provide you with better blood circulation in the penis for better performance in bed
  • Stronger and fuller erections
  • Easy to use device
  • One of the cheaper penis pumps available
  • Bathmate offers a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee on all their products


How It Works

The BathMate is a used in the shower or bath. The water serves as a cushion in the pump. The pressure from the water creates suction while promoting growth. The vessels are expanded during the process and, if done consistently over time, the penis will grow and become longer and thicker. This leads to substantial benefits both in the appearance of both size and girth.=> Click here to learn more

Ease of Use

Actual BathmateThe Bathmate is very practical and easy to use and can be manipulated easily with one hand, Further, the quality materials used in the design make it easy to wash and care for as well.

The BathMate continues to be a popular choice when it comes to penis pumps. One of the surprising things about the Bathmate is that results can be seen within the first 15 minutes of use.

Obviously there is also some immediate retraction but after extended use of the pump men can see a permanent increase of up to 3 inches in length and 30% to 35% in thickness.

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