Penomet Penis Pump – Because A Thicker Erection Dominates Length Every Time

Couple in lingerieI am a guy with an average size penis and what seems weird, is that if you read many different forums where women are talking about the size of a guys penis, it is split about 50/50, 50% of women say they have had a great experience with guys who have a long penis, the other 50% say that a shorter but yet thicker penis is more satisfying, the true reality is that from a guys perspective, we do want to satisfy our partner, and the more confident we are about the size of our penis, the better off we will feel with our significant other.

Length over thickness, it seems the general consensus from a woman’s perspective is a Banana with Tape Measurethicker penis seems to be more desirable. But from a woman’s perspective there is more to sex than a large penis. If you search on the countless forums you will see most women prefer an average size penis, a guy who knows how to make love to his woman, which can include lots of foreplay, both with your fingers and your tongue, if you do things the right way, it will drive your woman absolutely nuts in a good way.

Harder Erections

Penis size and length is all about erection quality, if you are a guy with an average sized penis you might have noticed that erection quality can change drastically depending on mood swings, energy levels, and what you eat or drink, age is another factor that can affect men the most. As men get older Testosterone levels seem to dwindle making it harder to maintain strong erections. To maintain the same erection quality as we get older, there are certain things we can do.

Penomet can help improve erection quality

Penomet Full packageAs mentioned before while length is good, stronger and harder ejections will not only help increase penis size both in length and girth, the more blood flowing in to the penis makes the penis harder and this is where Penomet comes in to play. The Penomet is a high-quality penis pump that can not only increase the size of a man’s penis, it can also help men achieve more solid and thicker erections, the Penomet pump can improve erection quality over 100% because what the Penomet does in exercise your penis causing more blood circulation in the penis.

Penomet will make your penis thicker

Using the Penomet will help you increase the thickness of your penis over 30%, which is significant, this will easily let you give your woman exactly what she is looking for, which is a thicker penis. The Penomet is a very easy to use device that is meant to be used for around 15 to 20 minutes per day in the shower or bath, most men will see a thicker penis in just a couple of days. Imagine giving your woman the surprise of a stronger thicker erection, that will leave her with a smile on her face everytime, and the best thing about using the Penomet is that the longer you use it the thicker your penis will become.

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