Penis Pumps Can Offer Men More than Just a Big Penis

Guy in Jeans measuring PeniosThere are a variety of statistics all over the Internet about penis size and girth, and while most women say size does not matter, it must have some benefit. This does not mean a guy has to be huge, that would actually be overkill, but just for the simple frame of mind from a guys perspective a decent size penis can give a guy a more confidence about himself, and how he feels he can perform in bed.

There should be no shame in your game

God gave us our bodies and one of the beautiful things about our body is that obviously the body is capable of improving everything about it, weight lifting, fitness training endurance training, eating, drinking and anything else we do, our body seems to adapt easily. Penis enlargement is no different, what’s the difference between a guy wanting a bigger penis versus that of a woman wanting bigger breasts, essentially nothing.

Penis enlargement using a penis pump

Using a penis pump can improve several factors in a mans sex life, the first thing men UPL Distribution GmbH think of when considering a penis pump such as the Penomet, is having a longer and thicker penis, which in al fairness is how most of these products are marketed. Since men are so focused on the size of their penis, some of the other advantages of using a penis pump are overlooked.

Penis pumps are designed to help increase penis size and the way they work is by creating pressure on and around the penis, encouraging growth both in length and in thickness. The Penomet uses water to create pressure and is considered a hydropump but not only will it make your penis bigger it has other advantages.

Better erections because of improved blood flow

Penis pumps encourage more blood flow to the penis, which is one reason most younger men under 30 rarely suffer from weak erections. In younger men testosterone levels are strong and so is blood flow. As men get older they begin to suffer from weaker erections causing poor sexual performance, using a penis pump encourages large amounts of blood flow to the penis improving erection quality, while at the same time increasing the size of the penis.

Premature Ejaculation

Penis pumps can help men last longer even younger men, older men seem less prone to issues with premature ejaculation and there is no secret behind this. Older men tend to begin to lose sensitivity in the penis as they age, however a younger mans penis tends to be much more sensitive, causing them to have more issues with premature ejaculation. Since using a penis pump actually stimulates and encourages an erection it also helps exercise the penis while at the same time helping you control and hold back, which essentially prevents you from premature ejaculation letting you last longer in bed.

So as you can see a penis pump is more than just a device to make your penis bigger, it actually has several benefits for men both young and old that will in one way or another help you improve your sex life.