Best Place to Buy the Penomet

In this article, I discuss why you should avoid buying the Penomet from places like and Ebay

Over the last several months I have received many comments from customers about their purchase experience when they bought the Penomet from somewhere other than the official Penomet website.

Some men have bought the Penomet from third party sources like Amazon and Ebay, some of them had issues with shipping, while others wondered why they were only offered the premium model and a limited selection of color options. Others who bought what they thought was the Penomet from Ebay later recognized that the product was not the real thing and was a similar knockoff of the original.

Best Place to Buy the Penomet

If you are not familiar with what the Penomet is or does let me give you a brief description of the product or you can learn more here. The Penomet penis pump is a penis enhancement device that offers men several benefits. The Penomet is sold primarily as a penis enlargement pump but offers men much more.

The Penomet has many useful benefits that include:

  • Increasing the length and thickness of your penis
  • Improve erection quality
  • Reduce and prevent early symptoms of erectile dysfunction
  • Reduce symptoms of premature ejaculation
  • Improve and enhance sexual pleasure

As you can see the Penomet does more than make your penis bigger, it also improves many aspects of sexual health that affect many men, especially as they get older.

One more feature of the Penomet that is not offered by others is that it is one of the few penis pumps that comes with a full-fledged easy to use exercise guide to help you stay consistent with a daily routine.

Penomet Pressure gaiters

So now that you know about some of the benefits of the Penomet let me explain why you should avoid buying the Penomet from Amazon and Ebay.

The Penomet comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

When you buy directly from Penomet,  in the event you are not satisfied with the product you have 60 days to return it. 3rd party sellers on Ebay do offer a similar  warranty but they have to rely on Penomet replacing the product which may take longer to process your return to get your money back.

The Penomet comes with a full 3-year warranty against flaws and defects

All Penomet products when purchased from the official Penomet website come with a full 3 year warranty, this means that should something break you can always count on Penomet sending you a new replacement, 3rd party vendors that sell on Amazon and Ebay come and go,  and in order to receive a warranty you would have to contact them and there is no guarantee that they will still be in business.

The official Penomet website offers an upgrade plan

The Penomet sells 3 different packages, the Penomet Standard $127.00, Extra $197.00 and the Premium $297.00,  if you buy the Penomet standard and decide you want to upgrade at a later time you can, simply pay the difference in price and receive the upgraded features which include additional pressure gaiters.

Buying the Penomet from Amazon or Ebay limits product selection

When you buy the Penomet from other websites, in some instances you may find that certain products are out of stock. When you purchase the Penomet directly from the official website, you can always count on the product you want being available at the time of purchase.

Penomet Penis pump colors

Penomet offers free shipping

Purchasing directly from Penomet entitles you to free shipping, plus the Penomet website is translated into Portuguese, Spanish, German, French and English making it easy to order in your native language. The company also has several staff members who speak your language to answer any questions you may have about the product.


It’s your decision on where you buy the Penomet. If you do find a deal on a 3rd party website, buyer beware! It may not be a genuine product or might be used which will not entitle you to the 60-day return policy, the full 3-year warranty, or the ability to upgrade your Penomet in the future.