Penis Enhancers

Tape measureWhen it comes to penis enhancement  you can go crazy trying to weed through the different information and methods of increasing the size of your penis, not to mention how to obtain much stronger erections.

Penis enhancement  is not a myth and it does have some very good benefits, from a marketing standpoint penis devices do in fact target men looking for a bigger penis because that’s what most men want, but not only do penis enhancement products make the penis bigger, they offer many other benefits that are less obvious that can have a significant and “positive” impact on a mans sex life.

Why a bigger penis may be better

While most women say penis size is irrelevant, a bigger penis can give men  more self confidence, making a man feel more comfortable about himself, and there are some women who do feel bigger is better, so if you are a guy searching for a practical way to make your penis thicker and longer and even perform better in bed, below are a few suggestions to help you achieve your goals. Read more

Penis Enlargement With a Pump

Man gesturing penis size in pantsPenis enlargement is not an easy subject to talk about, a lot of men feel uncomfortable even considering it, in reality it’s not something to be ashamed of, the ideal size of the penis is debatable, what someone considers large can be considered normal or even small by someone else, you should only consider penis enlargement if it’s something that you want for your own personal reasons.

Thanks to science there are a great number of methods that contribute and help men have a bigger penis, many of these devices or treatments didn’t exist ten years ago, there are plenty of options but you have to figure out what form of treatment suits you better but before hand you need to research everything there is to know about penis pumps.

Before considering penis enlargement you need to be comfortable with yourself, you are genetically different from everyone else on this planet, you need to feel comfortable about yourself. Penis size has been discussed over and over for years, but there are still many misconceptions about the size and how big it should be. If you surf the internet you will find thousands of articles claiming that women prefer a bigger penis over a smaller one, at first men ignore this information but as time goes by they suffer from information overload often doubting if what they have is good enough. Read more

A Brief Overview of Penis Enlargement Devices and How They Work

Penis enlargement is one of those subjects that men are very reluctant to talk about, some men consider it a scam, others are very quick to say it will not work. I am sure most men who make these claims are the same men that are afraid to try something new or different. What I am saying is that the chance that penis enlargement wont work is similar to saying that you wont achieve big biceps by doing curls with heavy dumbbells. Which is untrue, building a bigger penis and building bigger muscles follows a similar process, more blood flow in to the muscle stimulates blood flow and makes a particular muscle to increase in size, the same goes for stimulating blood flow in to the male penis.

The Penis is not a muscle

That is correct, the penis does not have any muscle tissue, which is why it is hard to move when erect, however the penis does have sponge like tissue that swells when blood flow increases, this is where penis enlargement devices can help, especially penis pumps. Penis pumps can help increase the size of the penis because they work by improving blood flow to the penis, over time a penis pump will make the penis bigger and thicker.

Different kinds of penis enlargement devices

There are two different kinds of devices that can increase penis size, penis stretchers and penis pumps. In the old days, dry vacuum pumps existed, and while dry penis pumps are still available, hydro-pumps are a better replacement, offering a better and more comfortable solution to help increase penis size. Penis stretchers are another way to help men increase the size of their penis, below we will briefly explain how each one works. Read more