Health Benefits of Using a Penis Pump

Benefits of Using a Penis Pump: Health Benefits

The main reason men buy a penis pump is that it can make their penis bigger. What most men do not realize is that a penis pump has many other health benefits. in this article, I will discuss 5 health benefits from using a  penis pump.

Health Benefits of Using a Penis Pump

There are different kinds of penis pumps, most can be purchased discretely online. If you are serious about getting the most out of a penis pump you need to make sure you invest in a quality product.

Types of penis pumps

If you are not familiar with the different kinds of penis pumps let me explain the differences. There are two kinds of penis pumps. Dry penis pumps and pumps that use water. Dry pumps have been around for at least a decade. Water pumps such as the Penomet are a new way to increase penis size.

1. Penis pumps can help men achieve an erection

One of the primary benefits of dry penis pumps (vacuum pumps) is the ability to help men achieve an erection. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction often have other medical issues that prevent them from taking ED medicines. A dry penis pump can help men get an erection.

A dry penis pump consists of a plastic cylinder with a hand pump, there are also pumps that are battery powered. To use a dry penis pump you insert your penis into the cylinder and use the hand pump to create pressure, this forces blood into the penis helping you achieve and maintain a full erection.

2. Improve erection quality

Both dry and wet penis pumps can improve erection quality. Using a penis pump is the best way to exercise your penis. Both wet and dry pumps improve blood flow to the penis, if used 4-5 times a week you will notice improved erections along with an increase in penis size and thickness.

3. Prevent premature ejaculation

If you don’t have sex often, premature ejaculation can be an issue. Noy only is it frustrating it can be embarrassing. Using a penis pump can help prevent premature ejaculation. When you pump often it brings you close to orgasm, you can stop for a few seconds and then resume, over time with continuous use it will help you last longer in bed.

4. Straighten a bent penis

If you are a man who suffers from a bent penis, a penis pump can help straighten it out, there are many reasons men who suffer from a curved penis, sometimes it’s caused by Peyronie’s disease. Regular use of a penis pump will help straighten it out.

5. Improve erection quality

There is nothing worse than a weak erection. If you suffer from Mr. Softy syndrome then a penis pump is what you need. Penis pumps especially water pumps help increase blood flow into the two primary chambers that hold blood in the penis. Constant pumping 15 minutes a day 4- 5 times a week will improve erection quality by 100%, after a few weeks you will not be called Limpy anymore.


All this time most guys thought that a penis pump was just made to make your penis bigger which is true! A penis pump offers so many other health benefits, just like you exercise to improve your health, a penis pump is a perfect device to improve the health of your penis.

Penis Pumps vs Extenders Which One Is Better

In the world of penis enlargement there are a variety of options men have to choose from to increase the size of their penis, the principle behind penis enlargement is very simple but yet complex as is the human body.

Man thinking

The body is an amazing piece of work and is able to recover, heal, repair itself and build up immunity to illness. Penis enlargement is a process that naturally increases the overall length and thickness of the male anatomy, it also improves blood flow making erections fuller and longer lasting.

Advantages of natural penile enlargement:

  • Last longer in bed
  • Increase your penis length up to 2 inches (sometimes more)
  • Increase thickness 30%
  • Better erection quality
  • More blood flow and better circulation
  • Can prevent erectile dysfunction issues
  • Straighten a bent penis (Peyronie’s disease)

Many say penis enlargement does not work, but they are very wrong,  in fact, clinical studies have proven time and time again that it does increase the size of the penis, and while doctors would like to have you believe that surgery is a better option, that is just wrong!

Penis surgery involves cutting the main ligament that holds the penis in place to make it slightly longer, it is a dangerous procedure and ultimately the end result is a minimal increase in length.

Penis pumps (Hydro pumps)

Penis pumps are more inexpensive than penis stretchers and most of the newer pumps use water which is why they are also known as hydro pumps, they are simple to use and don’t require a lot of time, usually two 15 minute sessions (or longer) that are performed back to back once a day, one of the benefits of using a pump is that results are almost instant.

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The principle behind a penis pump is creating increased blood flow to the penis which over time increases thickness and girth, in fact after only one session most men will see immediate results that will last up to 5 or 6 hours.

Men who pump daily will easily see gains between ¾ of an inch up to  1 1/2 inches in length and more impressively penis pumps are great for increasing thickness up to 30% which is what most women like, the other advantage of a pump is they are generally cheaper than penis stretchers.

A penis pump consists if a cylindrical tube with a pressure release valve on one end and a pump on the other, you simply fill the cylinder with water, insert your penis and begin to gently pump, the water inside the cylinder creates uniform pressure around the penis and increases blood flow, this is usually done in the shower or bathtub.

Penis Extenders (Stretchers)

Penis stretchers are a great mechanism to increase penis length and girth, some are very Penis Extenderscheaply made, while others are state of the art, in fact, some stretchers come with kits that offer over 20 ways to adjust the device for maximum comfort.

Penis stretchers were designed to be worn during the day or at night, the way they work is by placing your penis in an adjustable stretching device that keeps slight tension on the penis, this creates tiny micro-abrasions in the penile tissue which regenerates, making the penis longer and thicker.

For best results, it is recommended that a penis extender is worn anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day or night, obviously the more hours you wear it the better results will be.

Penis stretchers are very comfortable to wear, in fact, most men after wearing one for only a couple of hours will forget it is even there. When it comes to price stretchers are more expensive but are a much better solution in the long run.

Our thoughts

Regardless of which device you decide to purchase both have benefits, the most important thing is regardless of which method you choose if you are consistent with your routine either method will give you good results.