The Best Penis Enlargement Combination

The Penomet Pump and the MaleEdge Penis Stretcher for Maximum Gains

Increasing the size of your penis can have many leaps and hurdles, some men would like to see immediate results, but when venturing into the world of penis enlargement, there are many questions and doubts that go unanswered before you make a final purchase. You can read individual reviews on many different enlargement products and methods, but many of them fail to answer some very basic questions.

Every day I answer at least 3 or 4 questions on my Facebook page from men wanting to know what penis enlargement device works best. Many times men don’t know exactly what is required to increase the size of their penis, others simply want a simple solution to improve the quality of their erections.

When looking at penis pumps and stretchers there are many products sold, I always tend to steer away from the cheap ones “those costing under $100.00″ because in most cases they will do more harm to your penis than good.

In this article we will take a look at using the entry level Penomet and the MaleEdge stretcher, no you don’t have to buy both, but for best results purchasing one now and the other in the near future can offer some great benefits and in a real world it’s rare to find one product that does everything, using a stretcher along with a penis pump can accelerate growth, question is which one to purchase first. Read more

Penis Pumps What to Expect from the Penomet

For some men a bigger penis might not be their highest priority but it can come in handy, as a man we all want to satisfy our partner and at the same time we want to feel good about ourselves, let’s face it,  that smile from your partner after great sex is unbeatable and in most cases all it takes is a strong erection.

Penis pumps were designed to specifically improve blood flow and circulation to the penile chamber making erections rock solid. the first selling point of a penis pump is to increase penis size which in reality is the secondary benefit. Read more

Penis Pumps Can Offer Men More than Just a Big Penis

Guy in Jeans measuring PeniosThere are a variety of statistics all over the Internet about penis size and girth, and while most women say size does not matter, it must have some benefit. This does not mean a guy has to be huge, that would actually be overkill, but just for the simple frame of mind from a guys perspective a decent size penis can give a guy a more confidence about himself, and how he feels he can perform in bed.

There should be no shame in your game

God gave us our bodies and one of the beautiful things about our body is that obviously the body is capable of improving everything about it, weight lifting, fitness training endurance training, eating, drinking and anything else we do, our body seems to adapt easily. Penis enlargement is no different, what’s the difference between a guy wanting a bigger penis versus that of a woman wanting bigger breasts, essentially nothing.

Penis enlargement using a penis pump

Using a penis pump can improve several factors in a mans sex life, the first thing men UPL Distribution GmbH think of when considering a penis pump such as the Penomet, is having a longer and thicker penis, which in al fairness is how most of these products are marketed. Since men are so focused on the size of their penis, some of the other advantages of using a penis pump are overlooked.

Penis pumps are designed to help increase penis size and the way they work is by creating pressure on and around the penis, encouraging growth both in length and in thickness. The Penomet uses water to create pressure and is considered a hydropump but not only will it make your penis bigger it has other advantages.

Better erections because of improved blood flow

Penis pumps encourage more blood flow to the penis, which is one reason most younger men under 30 rarely suffer from weak erections. In younger men testosterone levels are strong and so is blood flow. As men get older they begin to suffer from weaker erections causing poor sexual performance, using a penis pump encourages large amounts of blood flow to the penis improving erection quality, while at the same time increasing the size of the penis.

Premature Ejaculation

Penis pumps can help men last longer even younger men, older men seem less prone to issues with premature ejaculation and there is no secret behind this. Older men tend to begin to lose sensitivity in the penis as they age, however a younger mans penis tends to be much more sensitive, causing them to have more issues with premature ejaculation. Since using a penis pump actually stimulates and encourages an erection it also helps exercise the penis while at the same time helping you control and hold back, which essentially prevents you from premature ejaculation letting you last longer in bed.

So as you can see a penis pump is more than just a device to make your penis bigger, it actually has several benefits for men both young and old that will in one way or another help you improve your sex life.

Penomet Penis Pump – Because A Thicker Erection Dominates Length Every Time

Couple in lingerieI am a guy with an average size penis and what seems weird, is that if you read many different forums where women are talking about the size of a guys penis, it is split about 50/50, 50% of women say they have had a great experience with guys who have a long penis, the other 50% say that a shorter but yet thicker penis is more satisfying, the true reality is that from a guys perspective, we do want to satisfy our partner, and the more confident we are about the size of our penis, the better off we will feel with our significant other.

Length over thickness, it seems the general consensus from a woman’s perspective is a Banana with Tape Measurethicker penis seems to be more desirable. But from a woman’s perspective there is more to sex than a large penis. If you search on the countless forums you will see most women prefer an average size penis, a guy who knows how to make love to his woman, which can include lots of foreplay, both with your fingers and your tongue, if you do things the right way, it will drive your woman absolutely nuts in a good way.

Harder Erections

Penis size and length is all about erection quality, if you are a guy with an average sized penis you might have noticed that erection quality can change drastically depending on mood swings, energy levels, and what you eat or drink, age is another factor that can affect men the most. As men get older Testosterone levels seem to dwindle making it harder to maintain strong erections. To maintain the same erection quality as we get older, there are certain things we can do.

Penomet can help improve erection quality

Penomet Full packageAs mentioned before while length is good, stronger and harder ejections will not only help increase penis size both in length and girth, the more blood flowing in to the penis makes the penis harder and this is where Penomet comes in to play. The Penomet is a high-quality penis pump that can not only increase the size of a man’s penis, it can also help men achieve more solid and thicker erections, the Penomet pump can improve erection quality over 100% because what the Penomet does in exercise your penis causing more blood circulation in the penis.

Penomet will make your penis thicker

Using the Penomet will help you increase the thickness of your penis over 30%, which is significant, this will easily let you give your woman exactly what she is looking for, which is a thicker penis. The Penomet is a very easy to use device that is meant to be used for around 15 to 20 minutes per day in the shower or bath, most men will see a thicker penis in just a couple of days. Imagine giving your woman the surprise of a stronger thicker erection, that will leave her with a smile on her face everytime, and the best thing about using the Penomet is that the longer you use it the thicker your penis will become.

Buy the Penomet Online

Penomet Exercise Guide

The Penomet penis pump offers men a simple way to increase the size of their penis and improve erection quality. The Penomet is very reasonably priced when compared to similar products, it can give men a 30% increase in penis thickness and up to a 3-inch increase in length. =>Click here to learn more

The important thing when using any penis enlargement product is that you stay consistent with your exercise, making sure you perform them every day a minimum of 5 times per week. session times should last between 15 to 30 minutes, surely you can find time to perform them on a regular basis.

Different Colored Penomet Pumps

Most men have probably never considered exercising their penis,  with the exception of having sex, maybe some consider masturbation an exercise “but hold on guys, it’s not! Using the Penomet is,  it will  help increase erection strength and firmness and make your penis bigger.

How to use the Penomet

The Penomet is very simple to use,  it consists of a long plastic like cylinder, on one end there is a pressure relief valve, the other end is where you attach one of the rubber pressure gaiters.

To use the Penomet you simply fill it with water,  then slide your penis into the cylinder, while at the same time pulling it back towards the  groin to create a seal, you then begin to pump, this pumping action causes pressure,  stimulating blood flow into the various blood chambers inside the penis.

Blue Penomet

Penomet wants you to be successful in making sure you get the most out of their product, which is why they have designed an easy to use exercise guide to help you make the most out of your Penomet. => Click here to learn more

It’s very important that when you begin to use your pump that you start out with the lowest pressure gaiter which is purple.Penomet Penis pump colors

The Penomet is one of the most efficient and powerful penis pumps available today,  it offers  some of the best results compared to its competitors, but please remember that if you begin to feel any discomfort, make sure you reduce your session times until you get used to using the device, only then you can gradually increase the pressure with the different colored gaiters, as well as increase your session times.

Follow the Penomet Exercise Guide and use the different colored gaiters, this will ensure a thicker and longer penis in just a few weeks. >>Click here to learn more<<

Penomet Exercise Chart

Still have questions click here to visit the official Penomet website

Not just about size

Many men suffer from erectile deficiencies,  some men suffer from circulatory disorders while others struggle with insulin-dependent diabetes, in these situations forcing more blood to the penis can enhance the penile chambers, improving overall erection quality, the more blood that flows into the penis the better erection quality becomes.

Penomet Pressure gaiters

Where is the best place to buy the Penomet?

If you are ready to purchase a Penomet pump we do recommend purchasing directly from the official website,  this ensures that you receive a genuine product and you can take advantage of their warranty and any special offers they have at the time of purchase.

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