The Penomet Penis Pump to Buy or Not To Buy

Penomet Full packageIf you are a guy that is toying with the idea of buying a penis pump,  there is nothing wrong with considering a purchase, neither morally or otherwise, penis enlargement is something that has been around for centuries,  the only thing different is that there are some really cool gadgets that have made penis enlargement almost perfect. In the past,  guys where faced with some painful dry pump devices that did nothing more than add lots of vacuum pressure to your penis,  making it hurt more than it  provided any kind of growth results.

You will see countless videos, reviews and other information on the Penomet which mostly Penometboast what a great device it is. While the Penomet will make your  penis larger, it also has many other benefits. Many of the other benefits of the Penomet pump are often overlooked because the company is trying to sell you one thing “A Bigger Penis” when it actually does more than just make your penis bigger.

There is more to penis pumps than just putting your stick in a plastic cylinder and pumping, a penis pump is meant to do several things, sure one  is to enlarge the penis, the other is to increase blood flow.

There are a couple things that can help stimulate a man’s sex drive, one of them is the visual side of things, a hot looking girl will help, but that aside, low testosterone levels can hinder sexual performance, that is easy to fix, exercise and some good penis supplements can help, if you are younger lets say under 35,  you really do not need to worry much about that, but after the age of 35 testosterone levels  begin to dwindle. The second thing is blood circulation and there are several things that can affect that, obesity,  high-stress levels and being sedentary are among the three biggest culprits.

How the Penomet can help

While the main function of the Penomet is to extend your penis length and girth,  there is a process, when you begin using the Penomet pump essentially what you are doing is lengthening the penis, but at the same time the pressure the Penomet creates, begins to expand the internal veins in the Penis, accommodating for more blood flow and expansion. The key behind any penis growth is more blood flow. The more blood that flows to the penis not only means a stronger erection,  it also means a bigger penis.

Using the Penomet for an extended period of time will increase the length of a guy’s penis, the same principle goes behind a bodybuilder, the more weight he lifts the more blood is pumped in to the muscles causing the muscle to grow.

Who should consider using the Penomet

Younger guys will definitely see an increase in size, but then again,  a younger guy in his 30’s will see great size gains, that’s a no-brainer,  because as mentioned before men in their 30’s still have great testosterone levels keeping erection quality good . Guys over the age of 40 will really see an improvement in sexual performance. I would recommend the Penomet to any man over 40 because circulation is key at that age.

Should you buy the Penomet?

That is a question that you need to answer for yourself, I did and I consider it a cheap gym membership for my penis, it takes 15 minutes out of my day in the shower, but yet it gives me and my wife hours of pleasure in the bedroom,  and the main reason is that erections are stronger and last longer.

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