What is Better a Penis Pump or Stretcher

Every day I receive several inquiries on my Facebook page asking about the Penomet penis pump, many ask if  this is the best device for making your penis bigger, and while I am somewhat biased, I have had the experience of using many different penis enlargement methods, all of them have their pros and cons, buying a penis pump is kind of like buying anything else, we all would like to buy one product that does it all, but in many situations that is impossible.

Penis enlargement products vary both in price and results, so when men ask me which one is best I always ask them what they are trying to accomplish, obviously most men want a bigger penis, but what kind of size gains are you expecting and what kind of budget do you have.

Cheap penis enlargement products are available but you get what you pay for and most of those offer little comfort, in most cases, you will end up throwing them out after just a couple of weeks.

My experience with penis enlargement products

Below is my personal take on penis enlargement products, penis pumps and stretchers are both very effective, a lot depends on your budget. if you are a guy with an average size erect penis 5- 6 inches I find the Penomet a great product.

Penis pumps

Men who are approaching the 6 inch mark already have a good start, the thing I like about the Penomet is that it works very well at increasing blood flow, this makes erections much stronger and obviously will increase the length of the penis, the other benefit I love about the Penomet is that it does a great job at increasing penis thickness, believe me if it’s one thing women love it is a thick penis, if you don’t believe me, check out some of the online surveys and most women will take thickness over length any day, but don’t get me wrong, length is still important.

Holding Bathmate

Penis pumps are simple to use

One of the benefits of a penis pump is that they are very simple to use, most hydro pumps like the Penomet were made so that you can discretely use them in the shower or bath, in order to use it you fill the cylinder with water, insert your penis and pump, you should maintain pressure for about 15 minutes during each session, as you get used to the device you can extend your session times.

The entry-level Penomet is something any man can afford, plus it’s a good way to begin to experience the benefits of penis enlargement, the Penomet basic cost $127.00 and of course if you want to upgrade later to the Penomet Extra or Premium you can, which I discuss in a previous blog post here.

Realistic size expectations from a penis pump

Most men will see an average increase in length of up to 2 inches but some men have surpassed that, as far as thickness goes most men will see an increase of around 30%-35% in thickness a lot depends on how consistent you are and believe me, you will be impressed by increased erection quality most men notice incredibly hard erection after the first couple of weeks -> Click here to learn more about the Penomet

Penis Stretchers

Penis stretchers are a great way to increase the size of a man’s penis, however they can be a little bit more expensive, the entry level SizeGenetics stretcher cost $199.95 companies that sell penis stretchers spend a lot of money on research and development making sure that what they sell is very comfortable, if it’s not they know you won’t wear it.

Penis Extenders

Penis stretchers are classified as type 1 medical devices and they work by creating tiny microabrasion in the penis gradually stretching it, while this may sound painful it is not, this process is called “cytokinesis” the longer you wear a penis stretcher the quicker you will see growth.

Some of the more expensive penis stretchers offer plenty of comfort, my personal best was wearing the SizeGenetics stretcher for over 10 hours, and honestly, after an hour you forget you are wearing it, penis stretchers use an adjustable sliding traction device making it ideal for any man regardless of penis size big or small.

Penis stretchers not only work well for making the penis larger, they are also prescribed to men by doctors recovering from prostate surgery, often times men who have undergone prostate surgery will suffer from a retracting penis, a penis stretcher can reverse this process.

Size expectations from a penis stretcher

Penis stretchers have a slight advantage because you can wear them for long periods of time during the day, constant tension makes for quick growth, I have spoken to some men who have achieved over 3 inches in length, the average guy can expect at least 2.5 inches in length which is still a significant size increase.

What is the better option

This is a difficult choice, if it comes down to budget I would definitely go with the Penomet, it is cheaper and you will see some good gains both in thickness and in length, if you are primarily looking for length and can afford it, hands down the SizeGenetics would be my first choice.


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