Your Penis After 40

frustrated couple in bedSo maybe you have found yourself looking on one of those AskMen forums or some other website, wondering why it is harder for you to perform sexually after the age of 40, you are probably wondering what happened to the days where looking at a nice cleavage or a hot chick gave you an instant woody. Now your erections don’t happen as easy and maybe they are not as hard as they used to be. Many men when reaching their 40’s may suffer from lower testosterone levels which can cause issues with sexual performance, and while it can affect your sex life,  there are certain things you can do to regain your sexual performance.

Lower your stress Levels

Stress kills a lot of things, it’s a cause of cancer, heart disease, obesity and has many factors that can and will affect your lifestyle, one male function that is not immune to stress is a man’s performance in bed, in fact, some of the main causes of erectile dysfunction in men are caused by stress. If you have a good relationship with your partner try to talk things out and leave financial and job issues out of the bedroom, save those for later, there is nothing worse than bringing up work or financial issues before having sex.


One primary cause of erectile dysfunction is lack of exercise or obesity; in fact several studies have shown that lack of exercise and being overweight can affect sexual health, mainly because of poor blood circulation and lack of energy. This does not mean you have to join a gym but walking 45 minutes per day 5 days a week can help improve overall blood circulation and stamina, making you a better performer in bed.


Diet can play an important role in keeping your sexual performance at its highest level, leafy green vegetables and beets are high in nitrates which can help prevent erectile dysfunction, Dark chocolates have also been proven to help blood circulation because of the flavonoids in the chocolate, other studies have found that eating dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure and maintain cholesterol at normal levels which will improve erection quality.

Hormone therapy

For years women have been prescribed hormone therapy to improve estrogen levels and prevent menopause symptoms, over the last few years doctors have been prescribing men low doses of testosterone that will not only improve energy levels it will also improve sexual performance, this does not mean you have to go get a testosterone shot, there are legal and natural testosterone sources that work just as well as the injectable versions and will give you more stamina in bed and more energy during the day.

Get a penis pump

While you focus on diet and exercise your penis can still use some help, in fact, penis pumps are largely marketed to make your penis larger, the reality is that it can make your penis bigger, but it can also improve blood circulation in the penis, just like exercising any other body part, a penis pump can be a worthwhile therapeutic device for your penis, not only improving circulation to give you stronger and harder erections it can also prevent men suffering from premature ejaculation. While most men are ashamed about even discussing using one of these devices they do work and will improve your erection quality.

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